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Sales to ROI €

Over the years we have supplied cars to every county in Ireland.  Hi Spec, Hi Quality, Low Emission and Excellent Value.  We accept Euro (€), complete all necessary paperwork and will assist in the importation process from start to finish.


  1. Calculate the VRT via the ROS website (Click here for calculator)
  2. Make Appointment at an NCT office where your vehicle is inspected, registered and duty paid prior to receiving a reg no. (Lo call 1890 927 787 or book online 
  3. Obtain Number Plates
  4. Motor Tax is paid to the local authority (Form RF100)
  5. The Irish Registration Certificate is then issed by the Dept of Transport

Additional information can be found at:

Also feel free to contact us regarding any query.

VRT is charged in accordance with the cars C02 Emission so below we have provided the relevant rates along with the corresponding Road Tax.

VRT Rates based on C02 Emissions

  CO2 Emissions
(g CO2/km)
VRT Rates Minimum VRT Annual Motor Tax
A  0 - 120g  14% of OMSP  280  160
B  121 - 140g  16% of OMSP  320  225
C  141 - 155g  20% of OMSP  400  330
D  156 - 170g  24% of OMSP  480 481
E  171 - 190g  28% of OMSP  560  677
F  191 - 225g  32% of OMSP  640  1129
G  226g and over  36% of OMSP  720  2258