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If you are unfortunate and your vehicle is stolen, or written off as the result of an accident, your insurance company will offer you the market value of your vehicle at that time.  This value could be significantly less than the price you originally paid so with that in mind we offer Return to Invoice Insurance (RTI) on all cars at very cometitive rates.

  • One easy to set up Policy
  • Covers New/Used Cars up to 7 yrs Old
  • No financial shortfall between Insurance payout and the original purchase price
  • Benefit payable up to £10,000
  • Cover available for a maximum of 3 years
  • The customer will have no excess to pay (up to £250)

This can give peace of mind by covering the difference between the amount received from your motor insurer and the purchase price paid.

For more information, speak to our sales dept on 028 8675 1268